Dolors Miró

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Dolors Miró

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Dolors Miró

The ancient traditions and culture of Ibiza are symbolized in each of our unique pieces.


Dolors Miró is the founder and designer of the Dolors Miró Ibiza firm.

Born in Ibiza, specifically, in the neighborhood of Sa Marina, from an early age she already highlighted her interest in art and fashion. He studied Court and Confection, a profession that he never exercised professionally.

Mother of four children, for many years she dedicated herself to the care of her family, but she never stopped sewing, taking courses in different craft techniques and being in touch with her passion: crafts.

In 2009, on the occasion of the wedding of one of his children, he designed a “senalló” (tote bag) model, decorated with flowers and lace to give as a souvenir to the guests. 150 “senallons” were made and its success was such that from that moment, it did not stop receiving orders. However, it was not until 2018 when, at the insistence of his two daughters, when, Dolors, he was encouraged to create his own brand and professionally start his craft business.

Currently, he works with his two daughters, in his workshop in Ibiza, where he puts all his love in each of his creations, totally handmade and unique.